Public Facility Operation

Lifelong Learning Facilities

Lifelong Learning Facilities

partial list

Auto Resort Yakumo Kudan Lifelong Learning Hall, Chiyoda-ku
Hibiya Library and Museum, Chiyoda-ku Sirius, Yamato City Eco Plaza, Minato-ku Kamakura Lifelong Learning Hall, Kamakura City
Nakanoshima Library, Osaka Nara Crafts Museum, Nara City Ashiya City Museum of Art and History,etc.

Children's Healthy Upbringing Facilities

Children's Facilities

partial list

Yahiro Children's Center, Sumida-ku Umewakabashi Community Center, Sumida-ku Komaki City Komaki Children's Center Komaki City Minami Children's Center Komaki City Kitasato Children's Center
Komaki City Seibu Children's Center
Youth Exchange Plaza in Nagoya City,etc.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

partial list

Mine Rehabilitation Program Center Kitsuregawa Rehabilitation Program Center Harima Rehabilitation Program Center Shizuoka Prison
Kasamatsu Prison.
HP of Shopro Correctional Education project

Major contracts other than public facilities (partial list)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

  • Public Relations for the Promotion of Healthy Japan 21
  • Publicity and awareness of "Healthy Parents and Children 21" based on the Basic Act on Growth and Development
  • Survey and research on support for child-rearing families with welfare issues in children's homes
  • Promotion of child-rearing without physical punishment.
  • Drug abuse prevention awareness program "STOP the Drugs

Ministry of Justice

  • Production of online public relations programs on recidivism prevention (* Results-based private sector contract system)
  • Development of educational materials to motivate people to work in penal institutions

Other government and public offices

  • Symposium for Promotion of Participation in Cultural Programs and Cultural Experiences for Children (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
  • Japanese Food Culture Promotion Project (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
  • Ecolife Fair 2016 Implementation Services (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Koto-ku Environmental Certification Test (Koto-ku)
厚生労働省・薬物乱用防止読本We visit educational institutions and events across the country to promote various initiatives to prevent drug abuse.
厚生労働省・薬物乱用防止読本We have a wealth of experience in producing posters,
leaflets, and videos.

Management and operation of public facilities

We participate in the PFI (Private-Finance-Initiative) and Designated Manager systems to deliver benefits to many people through the operation of lifelong learning facilities, childcare facilities, correctional facilities, etc.

【Lifelong Learning Facilities】

We operate children's centres, school children's clubs, and after-school children's classes that play a role in creating a safe and secure community where all children can grow up healthily.

【Children's Healthy Upbringing Facilities】

We aim to create a warm place where parents and children can spend time together in peace and security, while ensuring a healthy playground for all children; promoting their health and emotional development.

【Correctional Facilities】

Valuing the “right to education” that all people have equally, we participate in correctional education programs, develop and implement educational programs and job training programs to prevent recidivism and reintegrate inmates into society, as well as provide operational support.

Production of bespoke projects

We will propose and produce projects to meet your requirements, utilizing our expertise in developing contents based upon your needs.

Content Development

We are capable of developing a wide range of content based on our accumulated experience, from planning a wide variety of courses and training programs, to the production of teaching materials and video production.