Anti-Piracy Office

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Response to copyright infringement

In order to protect intellectual property and eliminate infringements, we take measures to detect, identify, and stop illegal content, such as unauthorized products and pirated animation.

In recent years, the development of the Internet has led to a situation where illegal content is scattered around the world.

We gather information daily in order to understand the laws of not only Japan but also other countries, and respond to disturbing illegal content.

An example of this is "Doraemon", for which we manage commercialization. We prevent infringing goods from entering the market by patrolling, not only physical stores, but also Internet shopping and auction sites, completing customs registration procedures, and accepting authenticity appraisals from the police.

In addition, regarding pirated anime of Pokémon, we monitor video posting sites around the world with the cooperation of Pokémon rights holders, and respond with injunctions and cease and desist orders according to the content.

In addition, we also support other IP works managed by our company, depending on the situation.

We support the development of content culture by protecting the interests of authors and respecting the feelings of fans.