Childcare Division

※The childcare business became a specialized company, Shogakukan Academy Inc., by an absorption-type demerger, as of April 1, 2023. Display Print Page

Comprehensive Childcare Services Operation of childcare facilities, babysitting services, etc.

Shogakukan Academy Nursery School
Shogakukan Academy Ryokuentoshi Nursery SchoolShogakukan Academy Ryokuentoshi
Nursery School
Shogakukan Academy Iidabashi Garden Nursery SchoolShogakukan Academy Iidabashi Garden
Nursery School
Shogakukan Academy Shintoyosu Nursery School
Shogakukan Academy Nursery School
Childcare Room Dakko Room (Shinagawa Prince Hotel) Childcare Room Dakko Room
(Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Babysitter HASBabysitter HAS
Corporate Collaboration ProjectCorporate Collaboration Project

Active Learning in Childcare Facilities Gakushu Hoiku® Training and Consulting Business

Group trainingGroup training
Online trainingOnline training

Comprehensive Childcare Services
Operation of childcare facilities, babysitting services, etc.

Based on the childcare philosophy of ‘nurturing children with a warm heart,’ Shogakukan Academy Nursery School provides childcare that nurtures the ability to thrive and survive through comprehensive learning experiences such as ‘Gakushu Hoiku®’. We also provide a variety of childcare services, including babysitting services, childcare rooms where childcare specialists take care of children as and when required, and group childcare services where children are taken care of at events such as reunions and concerts.

With the theme of ‘interesting and beneficial’ we are also actively engaged in collaborative projects for children and adults alongside other industries and companies that are not traditionally in the childcare market.

Active learning in childcare facilities
Gakushu Hoiku®Training and consulting business

Based on the concept of ‘from 'play and life' to 'learning,'’ we are providing Gakushu Hoiku®, which enables children to learn while having fun from infancy, not only at the facilities we operate, but also to other children and childcare providers. In addition to the facilities that we operate, we also provide group training, online training, lectures, and consulting for childcare staff development in order to reach as many children and caregivers as possible.