Production and sales business of books and calendars

The Publishing Division plans, produces, and sells books and calendars.

In terms of books, under the "ShoPro Books" label, we publish a wide range of books that meet public needs, including international comics, non-fiction, books for children, art books, business books and so on.

In particular, we have been translating and publishing American comics since 1994, such as "Batman," "Spider-Man," and "The Avengers," which have recently been turned one after another into a movie series.

In January 2021, we concluded a master agreement with Marvel Entertainment, LLC. We are authorized to publish Japanese translations of all Marvel comics in Japan, including digital distribution.

Regarding calendars, we plan, produce, and sell calendars featuring characters such as "Doraemon," “Pokémon," and "SPY×FAMILY.”

In addition, we are actively engaged in developing new content, including the smartphone application "Detective Conan Calendar & Widget" and the official e-commerce website “ShoPro Books online store”.